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Animal Mimicry

Learn how to take on the abilities of certain animals. Transform, mimic, and take on the capabilities of many species, currently including extensive types of mammals, reptiles, birds, and invertebrates.

Dimensional Travel

Learn how to travel between two or more realms. See worlds unimaginable and traverse amongst the vast unknown of realms beyond. But be weary travlers, as the universe is often unkind to those who wander.

Time Travel

Learn how to travel back and forth in time. Study the rules, regulations, and requirments of traveling in the space-time continuium. Due to the high intensity of this course, only advanced students are recommended.

About Us

Here at SHA, we are determined to offer a safe place for humans and mutants alike, offering an expansive array of courses both natural and unnatural. We are proud to house any student that enrolls.

Founded in 1882, in the bustling city of New York, Charles Davis and Emma Jones opened a school for those who needed guidance. They took in anyone who wished to learn and lead them down their paths to greatness and destiny alike.

Still thriving over 100 years later, the Super Hero Academy continues to house a wide variety of students from every walk of life, teaching anyone who wishes to learn.

Up Coming Courses

  • Force Field Generation
  • Energy Medicine
  • Bone Manipulation
  • Echolocation
  • Microwave Manipulation